Cornerstone Consultants



Transformational Church

Are you ready to see...
...your people living like Christ?
...your church acting like the Body of Christ
...your community impacted by the Kindgom of God?

Cornerstone Consultants Ministries can guide your church though a process that will lead your church to not only say "yes" to those questions but see them come to reality.

Transformational Church is a process to guide your church through an evaluation procedure. This is accomplished through a statically developed survey taken by church members, personal consultant from a trained and/or certified Transformational Church consultant, a one day evaluation retreat for key leaders of your church, and a set of customized recommendations.

The Transformational Church project was developed by LifeWay Christian Resources. Members of the Cornerstone Consultants Ministries team have been trained and certified by LifeWay to lead the Transformational Church Project for your church. The cost to your church is established on a sliding scale based on the size of your church. The cost will involve three areas: 1) purchase of the survey; 2) retreat expenses, and 3) consultant fee and expenses. For more information contact the Executive Leadership Team.