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The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) commands us to be teachers. Because teaching people is part of the Great Commission it should be a high priority for your church. There are a variety of names churches give their teaching program. Names such as Sunday School, Bible Teaching, small groups, etc.

The teaching ministry must accomplish at least seven things no matter what you name it.

  1. Reaching out to people to gather them together for the teaching experience is vital.
  2. The fundamental purpose of the Bible teaching program is to instill Biblical truth in people's lives to help those people know how to live eternally and on a day by day basis.
  3. Leaders must be secured from throughout the congregation.
  4. Examine the organizational structure of your program. There is no "only one right way" to organize your teaching ministry.
  5. Leaders should develop a quality training plan for all leaders in the teaching ministry.
  6. Everyone should be accountable for their work to someone.
  7. A quality planning process needs to be developed.

Cornerstone Consultants can assist your church in the development of am all inclusive plan for developing your Bible teaching ministry. Cornerstone Consultants can also assist your church in the development of each of the seven items listed above as stand alone consultation events.

Please contact us to see how we can best assist you in this area of ministry.