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The old adage is still a true and useful adage – “Failing to plan will result in planning to fail”. Church leaders must recognize God’s position in planning in order for the church to be an effective church. The Bible is filled with references to God instructing His children to think ahead and plan well. We use to call it “Long Range Planning”. Today it is called “Strategy Planning”.

Many church leaders think that strategy planning is just placing events on a calendar. Placing events on a calendar is one minor point in strategy planning. Church leaders must lead their churches to develop a complete concept behind each activity, event, or program that will go onto a calendar. A complete concept means research must be conducted in order to deal with real facts rather than perceptions or personal thoughts. A complete concept means several discussion groups should be convened in order to make sure the strategy planning committee is not missing something the church wants to see done. A complete concept means looking at space issues and staff assignments. A complete concept is not limited to a specific length of time. A strategic plan might be three years in length, five years in length, seven years, or ten years in length. The importance of planning is relevant to God’s mission for your church and how your church is going to accomplish that mission not on a preset length of time.

Cornerstone Consultants Ministries can provide a trained and experienced consultant to guide your strategy planning group through the various activities of the strategy plan. CCM can assist your planning group in determining goals they wish to achieve and develop a schedule to move toward reaching those goals. A CCM consultant can point out areas in which the planning group is about to step off into and point out some possible results if the planning group continues down that path.

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