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How does a church lead people to be financially obedient? There are two main ingredients in the formula church leaders should explore. One ingredient is a multi-faceted approach. Presenting one or two sermons per year on stewardship will not, by itself, cause people to move into a position of wanting to be financially obedient. There must be educational avenues and actions that go along with the sermons. The second ingredient is the realization that stewardship education will not be accomplished in a short time. It may take weeks or months to effectively educate people and bring them into a position of wanting to be obedient.

Cornerstone Consultants can assist a church in the development of a quality stewardship program that will be multi-faceted. Cornerstone Consultants will work closely with your church leaders to develop a stewardship program that is designed specifically for your church. Stewardship is an important issue. Therefore the approach to stewardship education must be built based on the uniqueness and strengths of your church. In relationship to stewardship, one size does not fit all! Consulting fees in the area of stewardship are $250 per day plus expenses.

Church members may understand the concept of tithing but they are not doing it. There are two possible reasons for this: either they don't want to seek God and be obedient to Him in their giving, or their personal finances are limiting their ability to give. A quality stewardship program will take care of the first hindrance - not being obedient. Most churches are ignoring the second hindrance - too much debt.

More Americans today are more in debt (especially credit card and second mortgage debt) than ever before. There are many plans available for people to explore to get out of debt. Most of the plans will give information and direction but do nothing to assist individuals in changing their basic instinct about finances.

The church is in a unique position to help in both areas - a plan and motivation/accountability. A person wanting to improve the financial part of their life needs motivation (from God) and accountability (to God) or they will simply slip back into their current financial lifestyle. It is time that the church does something to help members work their way out of debt and become better stewards of the resources God has given them.

Please contact us to see how we can best assist you in this area of ministry.