Cornerstone Consultants


Capital Fund Raising

Does your church want to build a new building, remodel existing buildings, or get out of debt?  If the answer is yes you need raise capital funds money. There are a few ways a church can raise these needed funds. Some churches choose a traditional loan from a lending institution. Unfortunately, it usually takes a long time to repay the loan and the church will have to pay back more than was borrowed. Some churches choose sell bonds, which carries its own set of difficulties.

The best way to raise capital funds is to have God’s people provide the money to work on God’s buildings. This methods is called a capital fund raising program. While there are literally hundreds of companies around the United States that will assist a church in raising the funds, there are distinct advantages to using Cornerstone Consultants.

  • Cornerstone's program is not built around the concept of raising money. Cornerstone will help your people recognize that giving to God's work is a matter of obedience to Him.
  • Cornerstone Consultants utilizes a process known as “active management”.  This means Cornerstone Consultants will guide your church through the process (hands on work by your people) rather than do the work for you.  If Cornerstone Consultants does the work for you it becomes Cornerstone’s program rather than your church’s program.
  • Cornerstone consultant's fees are lower than any other fund raising company’s fees. Capital Fund Raising program fees are $10 per total church member as reported on the last annual report or a minimum of $5,000 plus travel expenses and material expenses.

Churches led in Capital Fund Programs include:

  • First Baptist Church, Hemphill, Texas
  • New Chapel Hill, West Monroe, Louisiana
  • Woodlawn Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • First Baptist Church, Lake Charles, Louisiana: Met goal
  • First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Louisiana: Had commitments of 90% of highest goal. Collected more than commitments
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana: Met goals
  • Galilee Baptist Church, Zachary, Louisiana: Surpassed mid level goal by 20%. Was short of top goal by 15%.
  • First Baptist Church, Monroe, Louisiana: Met all goals. Surpassed Pastor’s expectation by 40%
  • Fairview Baptist Church, West Monroe, Louisiana: Met goals
  • First Baptist Church, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministry, LSU
  • First Baptist Church Wisner, Louisiana
  • First Baptist Church, Columbia, Louisiana
  • University Baptist Church, Thibodaux, Louisiana
  • First Baptist Church, Sulphur, Louisiana
  • West Jackson Street Baptist Church, Tupelo, Mississippi

To download the Campaign Overview booklet click HERE (Adobe Acrobat file, will open in a new window). Please contact us to see how we can best assist you in this area of ministry.